Présentation de la Gamme de Cobots TechMan par Atlanta Robotics

We had the pleasure of hosting Atlanta robotics for a presentation of TechMan collaborative robots. The opportunity here to demonstrate our interest in this technology and to study the offers of different manufacturers.

At Techni Jura, we carry out essentially industrial applications and at a sustained rate, the cobot then has little interest, we use if the need arises industrial robots type LR Mate from Fanuc, or the TX2 ranges, NT2 of Staubli among others.

But cobots can still have certain advantages, especially at the end of the line or in certain specific cases.

Collaborative robots have the advantage of not requiring a protective enclosure, therefore of reducing the space requirement and also of being able to work alongside humans, in complete safety. At Techni Jura, we see this as an advantage in applications that require palletizing at low speed, cardboard packaging, thermoformed tray packaging.

We can also imagine a screwing process, depositing glue or grease (Depending on the temperatures used, of course), or vision control.

Universal Robot, TechMan, Omron, Fanuc, you can easily find the right model depending on the load and the radius of action with the offer on the market.

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